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Overwhelmed Teens Need Support Too!

Teens today have many responsibilities and expectations within their family, school, and social lives.  With the changing world of increasing competition for college applications, reliance on social media, and an endless world of opportunity, it can be easy for teens to become overwhelmed.


Teens and young adults can carry a tremendous amount of stress. Connecting with others, being supported, and working through emotions can be a helpful tool to reduce anxiety and depression.

Feelings of being overwhelmed, social isolation, inadequacy, lack of sleep, constant external stimulation from all our society is exposed to, among others can lead to feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. “Social isolation is the number 1 factor in depression,” according to Dr. Jim Sorenson, a clinical psychiatrist. This isolation seems to be increasing with the ever present use of social media, both parents holding employment, and bullying.  Depression and anxiety can be a chemical imbalance for some but for others it can be environmentally driven.  If left untreated and unsupported, these feelings can lead to suicidal ideation or thoughts of suicide.

With most households requiring both parents to work, teens often find themselves at home with friends playing video games or other stagnate activities, meanwhile, being outside is crucial for your mental health and well-being.


“Research has confirmed that simply being outside with nature can boost peoples sense of well being.”

One option for teens to get outside, experience nature, learn skills, and receive support for their stress is called Equine Assisted work.  This type of work has many names including but not limited to;  equine assisted growth and learning, equine assisted learning, equine assisted psychotherapy, and equine facilitated mental health, to name a few.  This is a form of therapy, personal growth, or skill building that is solution focused and experiential in nature.  This opportunity is a non threatening, non judgmental approach to therapy or learning that allows the participant to connect with nature, look at our thoughts and behavior patterns, learn new skills, and then actually practice those skills through interactions with the horses to determine if those skills are transferable into their home, school, or social environment.


Similar to a cognitive behavioral model of therapy, in order to fix problems and find solutions, we need to fix the problem with our feet and our brains. In equine assisted therapy or equine assisted growth and learning, we think about our behaviors and the precursors to our behavior and actually physically work through the steps to obtaining our goals or making changes.

Youth and adolescents face many challenges today and may be dealing with stressors and may need support.  For parents to help, just listening to your child can go a long way.  Make listening a daily occurrence so when there is an issue, your child has trust in your ability to support them bu listening. Active listening without judgement or interjecting expectations (easing up the pressure they are already under is helpful while setting healthy limitations).  Most importantly, don’t panic! You know your child best.  Be there to support them and help them find a balance in their situation. If you are interested in further support or to learn more about equine assisted work in Michigan, visit www.bridgewatersupportservices.com.

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Through the Eyes of a Horse

Equine Assisted Mental Health

Through the Eyes of a Horse

Bridgewater Support Services, LLC  is located in Southeast Michigan, Washtenaw County, and provides a unique opportunity by combining mental health services for adults, children and youth and experiential work with horses.  This process has many names including; equine assisted therapy, equine assisted coaching, equine assisted counselling, equine assisted mental health, equine assisted growth and learning, equine assisted psychotherapy, equine assisted learning, to name a few.  

Working with horses allows the client to seek mental health services in a non judgmental environment.  So, “Why work with horses?”  Bridgewater Support Services partners with horses due to their natural ability to be highly sensitive to emotions in their perception of those emotions and how they respond to those emotions.  Horses depend on this ability for their survival.

As intuitive beings, horses have the ability to sense and reflect our feelings and emotions, even when we might not be aware of them ourselves. In the therapeutic process, horses then become a mirror to reflect these innermost feelings and help clients discover solutions to their own issues or problems in a solution focused manner, meaning we believe the client has the best answers to their own issues, they just may need guidance and facilitation to find those answers.

Like Humans, horses are social in nature.  They also mostly communicate non verbally.  Horses have personalities, good days and bad, and within their herd, there is a power dynamic that make their interactions similar to our human interactions. Horses are honest and non judgmental.

The environment in which equine assisted work takes place is outdoor, in nature, which can be a helpful tool for clients who are uninterested in traditional forms of therapy that take place in an office setting.

For more information, visit www.bridgewatersupportservices.com